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Mayor Tom Armstrong

I was born in El Reno, Oklahoma in 1944 and have two brothers and one sister. My sister lives and works in Ruidoso Downs. One brother was lost to us many years ago and my other brother lives in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Ruidoso High School is my alma mater where I enjoyed playing football and was the sports editor for the school. I graduated in 1963.

My career began with logging in Ruidoso Downs and I worked for Denton Logging Company. Later I joined the construction industry and acquired a New Mexico Contractor License where I built approximately one hundred homes in and around Ruidoso and Ruidoso Downs. I met a couple from Africa through a local church in the mid-80's and they asked me to come to New York to reconstruct a home for them. I got my contractor license there and before long the work expanded into Connecticut. The work required that I spend thirty days out and one week at home in Ruidoso Downs. After five years I decided to come back home.

My family consists of my wife and my friend, Virginia. We have two daughters and a son who presently live in Ruidoso Downs. Our oldest daughter is the manager of the Wal-Mart Vision Center. Our second daughter graduated from college in December 2007 and is in the process of planning more of her life. Our son is attending a junior college and has career plans to teach welding.

Ruidoso Downs had a position open for Animal Control Officer and I spent nearly ten years in this field. I eventually moved into Code Enforcement and was the city's first Building Inspector. At that time there were many other facets within the Code Enforcement office that I was responsible for. Among those duties I was the Planning & Zoning officer, the ETZ officer, Emergency Manager, 911 Coordinator, and Flood Plain Manager. I am proud to say that during this time I was a volunteer firefighter and worked myself up to Fire Chief volunteer for a period of ten years.

My experience in the many positions I've held is vast. I bring all of this valuable knowledge to the office of Mayor of Ruidoso Downs and for the benefit of our residents. The people asked me to run for the office of mayor and I did it for them. I felt my experience was needed for community growth and for the future of Ruidoso Downs. Preserving the residential areas where our people live is priority but we must move forward to improve and ensure a solid future of commercial expansion through a variety of businesses. I will strive to offer affordable housing for our people. We have room to grow and we will call it "planned growth" for the City of Ruidoso Downs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at 575-378-4422

or email: tarmstrong@ruidosodowns.us

My goal is to protect our culture, work for the people, and look to the future.
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