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Gary williams

I was born on a clear, starlit St. Patrick's Day night in 1951. I am the oldest of three siblings of a career Army guy and an Italian princess. My youth was filled with constant moves and rotating friends. I moved from Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Tejas, Nuevo Mexico along with journeys to Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

I graduated from Mitchell High School in Colorado Springs, CO. During the draft I enlisted in the Air Force and spent four years as a firefighter in Las Vegas, Nevada and Thailand during the Hanoi blitz and my last year at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, NM.

When I decided to change my clothing color from green to blue the next thirty years were spent as a civilian firefighter for the Federal government. Having retired two years ago and enjoying the good life I heard the call for public service and ran for the office of city councilor.

I am an avid outdoor/sports kind of guy. Give me hiking, biking, racquetball, basketball, and, of course BBQ-ing any day of the week. Life is good when we can put a freshly prepared steak and burgers on the table and enjoy a fine glass of wine. My interests continue with reading. Some of my favorite authors are Hunter Thompson, John Grisham, Steven King, and Dean Koontz. I must mention that I am a terrific Scrabble player to boot.

I have been a resident of New Mexico for 35 years including stops in Alamogordo, Cloudcroft and the last five great years here in Ruidoso Downs. I have two sons, Brandon who lives in Tucson, AZ and the rest of my family clan resides in and around Colorado and Texas. My best friend and wife, Fay, works at the Wild Herb Market, the only place that you can eat healthy and meet her, the world renowned and current holder of the Best Organic Chef title in our three county area. Her expertise is in nutrition, vitamins and supplements. It doesn't get any better than that.

Ruidoso Downs is a great city to live in, friendly people, sights galore, shopping, racing, gambling, and entertainment. Thanks for viewing our website and if you continue cruising it you will find some interesting facts about us.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at 575-378-7068

or email: horothogar69@hotmail.com

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