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City of Ruidoso Downs
P.O. Box 348 122 Downs Drive
Ruidoso Downs, NM 88346
Phone: 505.378.4422
FAX: 505.378.4586

Public Notices and Current City Projects

  1. Highway 70 water Main Improvements

    Reinstallation of almost 5,000 linear ft. of 6" water pipeline along Hwy. 70 project was completed in June of 2002.
    Final cost $164,260.
    Water & Sewer Improvement fund, General Fund (GRT) & State Special Appropriations Grant

  2. East Circle Sewer Extension

    Extension of sewer system to 41 homes on East Circle Dr. Project started Nov. 11, 2002 and is expected to be installed by mid-late December 2002.
    Project cost $300,000.
    Water & Sewer Improvement Fund, General Fund (GRT) and State Special Appropriations Grant.

  3. Heights Park Construction

    Construction of small neighborhood park on Heights Dr. Construction completed in August 2002 and planting will begin in spring of 2003.
    Projected cost $22,000.
    State Cigarette Tax Recreation Fund.

  4. Redman Reservoir Renovation

    Inspection and interior coating of reservoir to stop leaks. scheduled to begin in January 2003.
    Cost $40,000.
    Water & Sewer Improvement fund, & State Special Appropriations Grant

  5. Emergency Water System Improvements - Phase 1B

    Replacement of 29,000 linear ft. of leaking, undersized water lines and installation of new pressure reducing stations and fire hydrants. Applied for CDBG funding for first year of project. If funded, design and construction will begin in February,2003 and final completion scheduled for December 2004.
    Projected cost $1.2 million
    Water & Sewer Improvement fund($200,000),State Special Appropriations Grant($100,000) and CDBG($1 million)

  6. Drainage System Improvements - Phase 1 River Park Addition

    Construction of drainage improvements in River Park Subd Applied for CDBG funding for project. If funded, design and construction will begin in February 2003, and final completion scheduled for November 2003.
    Projected cost $590,000.
    Proposed funding Sources: Local General Fund ($90,000) and CDBG ($500,000)

  7. All-American Pedestrian Walkway

    Construction of approximately 2,500 feet of walkway around the All-American Park and Senior Recreation Center. Design has begun and grant has been applied for. If funded, will start construction in May 2003.
    Projected cost: $81,000.
    Proposed funding sources: Local Non-Promotional Lodger's Tax Proceeds($41,000) and FHWA-National Scenic Byways Grant($40,000)

  8. Allison Lane Reconstruction

    Reconstruction and widening of Allison Lane from Reservoir Dr. to Spring Dr. Will include curb and gutters, asphalt overlay, and proper drainage.
    Applied for and received State Coop Grant from state highway department.
    Design and construction will commence in January 2003 and will be finished early summer 2003.


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